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Vegetable Garden 4-4-4

Vegetable Garden 4-4-4


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New Vegetable Garden 4-4-4 is a power house full of plant nutrition to help your garden off to the perfect start!  It is an all purpose formulation that provides a perfect start for all veggies, gives your summer tomatoes the boost for better production and herbs more fragrance and flavor.  Ideal for use throughout the growing seasons.  OMRI Listed and cdfa registered.  Apply 3-6 lbs per 100 square feed and thoroughly mix into the top 1-3" of soil.  Derived from: Fish bone meal, alfalfa meal, feather meal, langbeinite, basalt, potassium sulfate, dolomite and kelp meal.   Comes in a 5 lb box, 25 lb or 50 lb bag. OMRI Listed 

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