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Langbeinite Solution Grade 0-0-21.5

Langbeinite Solution Grade 0-0-21.5


Langbeinite is a mineral containing potassium, magnesium and sulfur, which are three of the essential nutrients that plants require to achieve optimum growth and reach the maximum, healthy potential.  A balanced ratio and highly water solution grade powder that growers can supply with confidence.  Powder is 200 mesh and can be used in fertigation, drip irrigation or spray applications.  1 lb bag.   OMRI Listed.

Guaranteed Analysis:  Soluble Potash.....21.5%. Magnesium.....10.8%. Sulfur.....22.0%

Application Rate: For foliar and spray applications, mix 1/2-1 tsp per gallon water.  Apply with even coverage directly to plant leaves.  For soil drench applications, mix 1-2 Tbsp per gallon water.  


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