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Kelp Meal Organic 1-0.1-2 Fertilizer

Kelp Meal Organic 1-0.1-2 Fertilizer


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Kelp Meal 1-0.1-2 for Potassium and Trace Minerals is a rich type of marine algae, natural organic source of nitrogen, phosphorous, potash micro-nutrients as well as macro-nutrients.   Kelp is one of the best organic fertilizer for the garden.  Beneficial all-natural, trace mineral sources (more than 70), vitamins, hormones, plant growth regulators,  and enzymes.  Kelp Meal is ideal for making kelp meal tea for foliar applications.  Excellent soil additive which stimulates microbial activity and provides a strong supply of naturally chelated nutrients for better absorbtion. Fresh cut Norwegian kelp meal is sun dried, cleaned, desalted and ground.  Harvested off the coast of Norway with special barges that wash off the excess sodium. Use 1-2 tsp/plant, 1-1 lbs/100 sq ft., or 200-400 lb/acre. Broadcast kelp meal around the base of plants, shrubs and flowers and mix into soil. Kelp Meal is also widely used as a trace mineral supplement for animals. OMRI listed. Comes in 8 oz. and 5 lb boxes, 20 and 50 lb bags. OMRI Listed & cdfa Registered.

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