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Organic Crab Shell Meal 4-3-0 Fertilizer

Organic Crab Shell Meal 4-3-0 Fertilizer


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Add life to your soil or compost pile, garden beds and worm bins with Crab Meal 4-3-0, a superb food source for microorganisms and beneficial bacteria. Crab Meal is a 100% natural soil amendment made from the shells of crabs that will also act as a slow release fertilizer and nematode suppressant and help control grubs in the garden. Crab Meal has a rich source of nitrogen, phoshate, calcium and magnesium.  Use to prevent blossom end rot with tomatoes.  Crab meal can be added to worm bins as well!   Crab Meal comes in 5 lb  box ,  20  or 40 lb  bag. cdfa Organic Input Material Registered and OMRI Listed

cdfa Registered Fertilizer     OMRI Listed Fertilizer

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