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Granular Humic Acid Soil Conditioner

Granular Humic Acid Soil Conditioner


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Granular Humic Acids soil conditioner, also known as Humate Soil Conditioner is a  highly concentrated source, ideal for use on fields, turf and vegetable gardens. Derived from the ancient remains of decomposed organic plant materials, humic acids enhance nutrient uptake and stimulate soil microbial life. Humic Acid is a "super compost" and encourages root development to grow even deeper in clay soils. Naturally occurring, unaltered oxidized lignite containing 70% total humic and fulvic acids, crushed, screened and graded to a particle size of 1-3mm.  Each one of these qualities is fundamental in increasing the availability of essential elements to your plants and stimulating the growth of microorganisms that process organic plant nutrients. It has been proven while using humates in lawns it prevents fungus and other disease prone problems the occur during summer months. Use for beds, vegetables and ground covers (15 lbs/100 sq ft on new plantings and once again during the growing season), turf (use 5 lbs/100 sq ft when seeding and 1.5 lbs/100 sq ft for maintenance), trees (drill and fill 1-1/2" diameter holes in early spring or late fall) and houseplants (1 tsp/4" pot diameter). This is an excellent soil conditioner.  5 lb box, 25 and 50 lb bags  OMRI Listed


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