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Fish Bone Meal 4-12-0

Fish Bone Meal 4-12-0


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Fish Bone Meal is a marine based alternative to traditional steamed Bone Meal and is wonderful for all flowering plants, trees and shrubs. A great source of Phosphorus and Calcium, Fish Bone Meal also contains a small amount of Nitrogen and is an ideal fertilizer for new garden beds, perennials and bulbs. One of our favorites for Tomatoes. Fish Bone Meal is a suitable substitute for Bone Meal.  Fish Bone Meal contains seven strains of beneficial soil microbes that create and support living soil. Trial size 1 lb box,  5 lb box or 25 lb bag or 50 lb bag  OMRI Listed & cdfa Registered 

OMRI Listed Product    cdfa Registered Product

Ingredients: fish bone meal


watering can


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