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Regenerative Soil Workshop 2024

Regenerative Soil Workshop 2024


Saturday March 23th, 2024 11 am to 12:30

Learn how you can save on water, improve soils health, cut back on fertilizing, have less pest and disease and produce a productive garden even in Southern Utah! 

A successful garden begins with the soil!  

  • Importance of Building Healthy, Living Soil
  • What is pH, NPK and Why it Matters
  • Improving and/or Making Your Gardens Soil  
  • Building Microbes and how to use Mycorrhizae
  • Compost, and Mulch
  • Managing Pests Organically


Workshops include class handouts, but notes should be taken!  Bring a note book, pen, chair, hat or whatever might be needed for weather of the day!

All classes are in the garden @ Ali's Organics.   Be ready to dig in!








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