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Why You Should Grow a Garden

Posted February 07, 2023

Being a gardener is more than just growing a garden. There are so many layers to it! It's more than just growing food for security or health. 

When you grow your own food, you get to experience something that you don't get when you buy vegetables from the grocery store. The food you grow has been sun ripened, the natural sugars are able to develop fully because it is picked at its prime. The flavor exceeds anything else and you will be more likely to eat more healthy when it tastes good.

Gardening can be relaxing and clam the mind and spirit. Just getting your hands in the dirt, pulls out negative energies naturally without needing to do anything else. When entering a garden anxious, you will find that energy transforms as you work or even just walk through the garden touching plants and you will leave in a more relaxed state. It is proven a garden can lower blood pressure as well. 

Growing an organic garden can give you security of healthy food. You know how you grew your vegetables and you can pick at their peek for the most nutrition. Generally your own garden soil has been nurtured and will have more minerals, which shows up in your veggies.

Gardening is like a sport! It can be fun! Once you experience growing different crops and varieties, you'll find you want to try more and learn more about vegetables you may have never heard of and begin to share your experience with others creating a community.  

Gardening can give you a piece of security. A backup of fresh veggies. What a better time to learn to garden then now. With the cost of food soaring, you can deflect some of that by starting a garden, no matter what size! 

It can be hard work and discouraging at times. You WILL fail! But, by failing you will learn more from it. You WILL gain gardening wisdom. If you never fail, you are not learning.

Plant a garden this year! Show up! You will be rewarded in many ways! 

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