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Preparing a Seedbed For Spring Plantings

Posted December 20, 2016

Plants are the most vulnerable as seeds and very small seedlings.  At this stage they need as near-perfect conditions as possible for them to germinate and grow quickly.  By providing your seedlings with well-drained, weed-free soil that has been worked to a healthy texture will get them off to a good start for a healthy and productive season.  Time and effort spent will be rewarded later with strong, healthy young plants.  

1. Clear Weeds

Thourougly clear all weeds from the seedbed, taking care to remove the whole plant, especially perennial roots like dandelions, which will regrow if left in the soil.  

2. Improve The Soil

Remove any large rocks.  Add a nice thick layer of well-rotted compost, as well as perlite to help with drainage if you are working with heavy clay soil.  Dig with a fork or lightly till to break up the soil and work in compost.  Sprinkle fertilizer over the surface.

3. Rake and Smooth Surface

Rake back and forth to smooth out the surface and lightly work in fertilizer until you have an even tilth.  Smooth surfaces are best for seed planting.

4. Mark Furrows or Planting 

Once you are finished with your soil, you can start sowing.  Furrows can be marked with string, laying a bamboo stick in a line and pressing it down, or even a hoe through the soil to make tidy furrows to the correct depth for your chosen seeds. 

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