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Cut And Come Again Salads

Posted December 27, 2016

Baby salad leaves are tasty, nutritious, and one of the quickest crops you can grow. Once they are cut, they quickly regrow not just once but three, four, or five times again giving you a bumper harvest in a small space! They are perfect for small plots or containers, and can even be grown under cover for salads all winter long.  

Some great choices for cut and come again salads.

  • Arugula is best when harvested small (2-3") for a mild flavor. A few leaves of arugula can transform a salad.  
  • Baby lettuce leaves mixes are loose leaf varieties cut at an earlier stage.  Everybody loves baby lettuce! 28 days is usually all you need before your first harvest.
  • Pok Choy is more commonly grown for it's full grown size, butt cut at an earlier stage it will add a nice texture to any salad. Harvest outer leaves for a few weeks, and after that you can let it mature. 
  • Oriental Mustards can be eaten raw when harvested as baby leaves. The plants grow well in in the coldest areas, and they add a decorative touch to the garden landscape.
  • Upland Cress adds a peppery taste that is delicious in salads and can be used instead of watercress. Harvest can be ready in 6 weeks.  
  • Mizuna has a mild mustard flavor with a pretty frilly leaf that makes a great addition to salads. Mizuna is easy to grow as well. 

When to harvest your cut and come again salads is a matter of personal taste. Cut them small, and you'll find them sweet and tender. A completely different taste than when harvested full grown as they become tougher and stronger tasting. Harvesting should be done with scissors or a sharp knife and slice through the plants just above the lowest leaves, from where they regrow. New shoots will start to appear rather quickly. We notice growth within 24 hours! Keep your plants well watered and fertilizered to keep them growing. We have had success of 3-5 cuttings on most greens and longer with lettuces.  

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