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May Gardening Tasks

Posted May 06, 2019

May is our favorite month! Peas are flourishing, tender greens are at their best, radishes are almost jumping out of the ground and flowers are abundant.  

As temperatures begin to get warmer it is time for warm season crops to be planted or sown and there are several essential jobs to stay on course.

  • Plant warm season vegetable crops such as: tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, summer squash, and cucumbers.
  • Sow beet, carrot, kale, and swiss chard seeds.
  • Thin stone fruits.
  • Start trimming evergreens to keep them neat. 
  • Take softwood cutting from shrubby plants.
  • Install insect-proof cover.
  • Lift and divide congested spring bulbs.
  • Stake perennial plants and taller bulbs as they grow.
  • Weed beds and borders.
  • Cover strawberries with bird net for crop insurance.
  • Sow sunflower and zinnia seeds.
  • Hill up potatoes and fertilize with Acid Mix fertilizer.
  • Fertilize strawberries with Acid Mix fertilizer.
  • Begin a bi-monthly foliar feed on tomatoes, peppers and eggplant using liquid bloom

Watch out for:

  • Squash bugs on squash and cucumber plants. Squash them and their larvae on sight.
  • Continue to monitor brassica crops for aphids. Planting calendula and sage near these crops helps control aphids.
  • Cabbage looper moth will lay eggs on your cabbage, kale and broccoli plants. The worms can be devastating. Spray with Bt to control.

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