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Signs of Summer

Posted June 25, 2019

This can be the most colorful season in the garden, with plants flowering, vegetables producing with crops ready to harvest and borders at their peak. The long, warm, and sunny days allow more opportunities to spend time in the garden, although dry spells mean regular watering. Keeping plants well watered is essential now, especially for early crops that are soon ready to harvest. Devise a weekly routine to help you keep on top of tasks at this time.  

Tasks to help keep you on track:

  • Shade and ventilate greenhouse.  Open the doors and vents, and install shading material or apply shade paint to the glass.  Soak the floor regularly to increase humidity levels.
  • Apply Sluggo Plus to strawberry beds to keep pests such as pill bugs, earwigs and slugs from destroying crop.  
  • Prune late spring-flowering shrubs and trees for better flowering the following year.  
  • Continue weeding beds and borders.  It’s easier to pull small weeds now rather than when their roots are established.
  • Continue to plant bush beans, pole beans, chilies, leeks and summer squash.  
  • Water and fertilize potted plants for best bloom and fruit.  Use Liquid Bloom or Big Bloom for best results.
  • Deadhead flowering plants for a long-lasting display.
  • Harvest all crops as soon as they are ready to pick.
  • Cut back flowered perennials for a second flush of color.  
  • Harvest onions and garlic as they are mature and dry on racks, out of the hot sun.
  • Mulch thirsty crops and help retain moisture. 
  • Watch out for blight on tomato plants - treat with fungicide (Revitalize Biofungicide), trim off infected leaves and discard. 
To help with summer garden burnout, keep a clip board or other means of a checklist for the garden.  Stroll through the garden early morning or late evening and jot down jobs that need to be done immediately, within a week and long term, as well as ideas. Get garden organized!

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