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Water Your Tender Seedlings Softly with Redhead Water Breaker 1000PL

Posted January 07, 2014

It's time to start those seedlings & transplants and watering can damage tender baby starts if not done properly.  Using a hose without something to break the water flow can wash out soil and damage stems or leaves of tender starts and shouldn't be done.  Dramm Waterer Redhead Water Breaker has over 1,000 tiny holes to distribute water gently and softly to your new tender plants.  Redhead water breaker can be screwed right onto the end of a hose or you can be used with an extension handle to reach the 'back row' plants.  Just a quick run over your little starts and they will be safely shower them without any damage.    Pressurized irrigation generally has small debris that can clog the small micro holes, so clean water should be used to prevent clogging or an in-line filter.  We are happy to say Redhead is made in the USA as well.

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