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Teddy Bear Dwarf Sunflower Seeds

Teddy Bear Dwarf Sunflower Seeds


Teddy Bear Dwarf is a unique addition to you flower bed, these bright yellow puffball blossoms will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling! Teddy Bear produces many 3"-5" flowers on a 24"-36" tall, multibranching plant. Beautiful as a short hedge and makes a fabulous cut flower. Sunflower seeds are large, easy to handle, and grow quickly, making them a fun crop for kids. Edible, bittersweet petals make a sunny garnish on salads and appetizer plants. Drought tolerant once established. No fussy plant blooms until fall. 

Annual | 1 gram | 10-15 days to emerge | Open Pollinated 

NON GMO verified | Traditional Seeds 

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