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Peruvian Zinnia Blend Seeds

Peruvian Zinnia Blend Seeds


Peruvian as cute as a button with petite, single blooms in soft red or golden yellow make darling cut flowers! This Southwest species is heat and drought tolerant. Their simple, open, single flowers make excellent landing pads for all manner of pollinators. With origins in Arizona, Mexico, Central, and South America, They ar adapted to hot, dry conditions. Providing gardeners with carefree color for several months. Compact plants look great in containers or planted in masse, and their drought tolerance makes them appropriate for dry gardens. Long stems are excellent for all types of fresh or dried cut floral creations. Deer resistant. 

Open Pollinated | 3-10 days to emerge | 300 mg seeds | 24"-36" tall

NON GMO Verified Project | USDA Organic  

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