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Drop Dead Red Sunflower Seeds

Drop Dead Red Sunflower Seeds


Drop Dead Red is drop dead gorgeous! This is a fabulous mix of large 4"-5", long lasting, florist quality flowers. 'Moulin Rouge', ' Red Wave', 'Ruby Eclipse', and 'Joker' come in several shades of red from deep burgundy and steamy valentine red, to autumnal pumpkin/organe red, and bicolors. These tall, branding plants are ideal for the back of the garden, or as a border. Plant only 10" apart to produce longer stems. As a pollen less hybrid, there'll be no more messy pollen drop from your gorgeous cut flower arrangements, but still spent of nectar for pollinators. Drought tolerant, but best flower production with regular water. 

Annual | 3 grams | 10-15 days to emerge 

NON GMO | Traditional Seeds 

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