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Plant & Seed Guard Row Cover/ Shade Cloth

Plant & Seed Guard Row Cover/ Shade Cloth


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Extend your growing season with DeWitts .5 oz. garden fabric. Plant & Seed Guard Row Cover keeps temperatures up to 4 ̊ higher than outside conditions and creates an excellent micro-environment for seed germination and seedling growth. In fact, this fabric provides 90-95% average seed germination compared to a 60-65% average with straw.  This row cover is also used during the hot summer months to shade vegetables and keep them cooler and protect against sun-scald. This fabric lets through 85% of light, warming your plants while keeping out birds, insects and pounding rains. This is a great way to germinate more of your seeds in a reusable and easy to apply way.  12' wide.  Sold in 10 foot continuous increments.  Select length from the drop down menu.

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