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15 Mil Drip Tape

15 Mil Drip Tape


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15 Mil Drip Tape is perfect for row crops, raised beds or other straight row designs.  Drip Tape is a low cost, effective watering method with superb watering uniformity.  Incredible durable and clog resistant.  Sold by the foot, so you won't have waste.

Drip tape must be used at low water pressure, at 10 PSI.  The tape distributes 27 gallons per hour, per 100'. Emitter spacing is 8".  Maximum row length is 280' Use with our 5/8" fittings.

Drip tape features a turbulent flow track emitter design that provides a high level of watering uniformity. Each outlet is part of a true drip emitter, providing reliable drip flow without squirting. A specially designed slit outlet impedes root intrusion and virtually eliminates start-up plugging from external contaminants.
The water in the supply tube passes into the regulating channel through multiple filtering inlets. The water next passes through the turbulent flow channel to regulate the discharge flow before exiting through the outlet. The advanced turbulent flow design uses large passageways, which are less likely to plug and provide more uniform discharge for longer lengths of run than other drip tape technologies.


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