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What is Plant Foliar Feeding?

Posted February 03, 2017

Foliar Feeding is a method of fertilizing that allows plants to absorb nutrients more quickly, rather than waiting for fertilizer to leach into the soil solution to be picked up by the roots.  Foliar feeding provides results in hours instead of days. 

To begin Foliar feeding, first mix up the foliar tea (solution) according the package directions in a clean sprayer.  Spray early in the morning.  Start at the botttom of the plant and work toward the undersides of the leaves until liquid begins to drip off.  

Try these liquid fertilizers for excellent results:

All Purpose Liquid.  This is an excellent choice for all plants as a general feeding.

Bloom Liquid.  Bloom fertilizer does what it says.  Encourages blooms in both vegetables and flowers.

Kelp and Potash.  Use this fertilizer at transplanting time to reduce transplant shock.  Kelp is very good to use as a foliar to help plants with environmental stress. 

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