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Seeds to Sow in September and Soil Care

Posted August 30, 2022

Fall is a time to think about spring! Even if you aren't planning on planting a fall food crop! There are still several seeds you can be planting to get a fall, winter or even early spring food harvest or just improve your gardens soil through the winter months. 

September is usually in the height of harvest time. Many winter squashes are getting ready and can be brought in to cure, and most of the vines usually are spent and begin to develop powdery mildew. Cooler morning the vines will have dew increasing the problem, so make sure that you keep the plot scrupulously clean, taking care to remove all spent crops and garden debris. 

Make the effort to remove weeds before they shed their seeds, as it will save you a lot of extra work the following season.  

Take extra care to watch out for worms on all brassicas.  Worms can damage cabbages, cauliflower and kales rather quickly. If you can't find them all or they just seem to be hiding, dusting or spraying with spinosad or Bt will keep them in check. 

Amend garden soil with compost and organic fertilizer to give fall crops what they need. Good fall fertilizer choices are Bio-Fish, Cottonseed Meal or Fish Meal.  An addition of Rock Phosphate or Bone Meal now will have the winter to break down and be ready for spring crops.

Seeds that can be sown in most areas are (cover may be needed in cold climates)

Cover crops/green manures are a great option to sow in garden soil that you don't plan on planting a food crop. Keep your soil healthy by always keeping it covered. Great fall choices are:

Keeping things in check really helps eliminate garden burnout. A few minutes a day is usually all it takes for the average sized garden. You will reap the rewards in produce if you do!

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