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Great Fall Gardening Fertilizers to Get You Off and Planting!

Posted August 25, 2015

You've harvested all summer and now it's time to start a fall garden where crops have exhausted themselves.  Soils have been depleted and need a little work to ensure fall gardening success.  Fertile soils produce high food production. 

Clean up:  Clear your garden bed from any old garden debris and toss into the compost heap. 

Aerate Soil.  Use a garden fork to loosen the soil slightly without turning.  

Amend Soil:  Over the beds soil, add 5 gallons of compost for a  3 by 10 foot bed  and 2 pounds of either Alfalfa Meal or Cottonseed Meal and work in lightly with a hand cultivator.  Smooth out and plant your fall crops! 

To help winter crops grow better add micronutrients in the form of Kelp Meal. Kelp Meal contains natural growth hormones that make vegetables a bit more winter hardy.  Use in dry form or as a liquid at the time of planting. 

Have on hand:  Frost blanket is an excellent way to help extend your garden right through the winter.  While many cool season crops are frost tolerant, adding a little warmth on colder nights will help plants continue to growth and produce.  Spinach is a great example of this! 

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