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Helpful Tips for Growing Grapes

Posted February 25, 2015

  • After pruning your grapes, spray with Horticultural Oil in late winter.
  • Dust with Sulfur or spray with Serenade when shoots are 6" long to control mildew, then every two-three weeks until harvest.  Mildew is most common in the European grapes.
  • Grapes need air flow to prevent mildews and diseases. Prune shoots and do leaf removal to help with the air flow.
  • To many grape clusters on a vine will cause your grapes to not be able ripen evenly and the size will be smaller. 
  • After eight years a grape spur will lose its fertility and you will need to start a new spur.
  • Wine grapes generally need to be spur pruned.
  • Prune grapes after the first hard freeze.
  • Grape vines must be pruned heavily to bear good crops.
  • Fertilizer with a Kelp Meal tea at leaf formation, flowering stage and then again when the grapes are the size of peas.  This is an organic source of Gibberellic Acid, which increases the size of your grapes.
  • Apply a heavy layer of compost around the grape trunk in spring.

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Thank you for the specifics to help us make our efforts more fruitful.

Posted by Sharon M. on June 24, 2015

Thanks. Always look forward to new posts.

Posted by Jill O. on February 25, 2015

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