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Helpful Summer Gardening Tips

Posted July 01, 2014

As the temperatures are high, plants need more water.  Check potted containers often to see if they need an extra drink.  Watering these pots more often will cause an increase for need of fertilizer as well.  Nutrients get washed out very easy in pots.  For flowering and fruiting container plants use a high phosphorous liquid fertilizer for best results.  Hanging pots in hot climates are the most exposed to heat, dry air and because they are hanging, we don't always know if they are getting adequate, totally moist soil.  We take them down once a week and submerge the pots in water with liquid fertilizer.  They seem to really love this!

During the hot summer months, mulching can be used to conserve moisture and help keep plants roots cooler. Add a 1-2" layer of mulch around the base of flower beds and vegetable gardens.  Plus it looks great!

Even though it's hot, it's time to start thinking about fall harvests.  Lettuce, radishes, carrots, beets, turnips, kale, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cool season crops should be sowed from seed in late July to early August.  Keep them moist though! Hot temps will dry seedlings out very quickly.  You can hasten the drying out by laying seed guard right over the newly sowed seeds until they are about 1" tall.

Watch for Japanese Beetles!  They love to eat your precious fruit in the orchard, chew on roses, birch  and linden trees.  Apply Spinosad to quickly eliminate any further problems.

Grubs in the lawn can take over quickly when the weather is warm creating patches of dead grass.  Milky Spore is easy to apply and last for years for a grub free lawn!

Pick produce often!  Green Beans will stop producing if you let them mature to large.  Summer Squash is best and most tender picked at small sizes.  Keep on eye out for those hidden fruits under those large leaves!  If fruits of most vegetables are left to mature to large or dry, the plant will put it's energy into making seed rather then producing delicious food.

Let your garden inspire you whats for dinner!  Take a walk through and see what is at it's peak and make dinner from there! 

There are so many summer flowers that are great for cutting like, Zinnia's, Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate, Purple Cone Flower and other summers beauties that can be brought in to enjoy at a summers table setting.  Use sharp shears or a knife and cut on an angle to provide more stem surface area for receiving water.  Put cut flowers immediately into water and enjoy some summer color indoors.

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