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Italian Amaro Blend Microgreen Seeds

Italian Amaro Blend Microgreen Seeds


Italian Amaro microgreens can be grown indoors at any time of year and are a nutrient packed way to get your "green fix" in the dead of winter. Mix of popular Italian chicories for distinct flavor. Has a slightly bitter taste for zing, and they are full of nutrients, aiding in digestion. When growing inside move containers as needed for best light exposure and temperature (65-75 degrees). Ready to harvest in about 15 to 25 days after sowing, when they have cotyledons (first leaves), or when the first true leaves (second set of leaves) hav begun to form, depending on preference. Detailed sowing instructions inside packet. 

Open Pollinated | 15-25 days | 6 grams | sows up to 3 1/2 10"x20" flats

NON GMO Verified | Traditional Seeds 

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