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Moroccan Coriander Cilantro Seeds

Moroccan Coriander Cilantro Seeds


Moroccan coriander is a four in one herb! Fast growing, it quickly produces a flavorful flush of leaves soon followed by delicate, white and edible flowers that are a treat for small beneficial insects, keeping pests away. But the best part of this variety is the large, green seed pods with bright, aromatic flavor that come after flowering; since it's quick to bolt, it's ideal for producing an abundance of seeds, and its long, cleans stems make harvesting easy! Let them dry to brown and use as homemade ground coriander spice, essential to international cuisine. Easy to grow and versatile! 

Open pollinated | 10-15 days to emerge | 4 grams | sows 45 ft

NON GMO verified | Traditional Seeds 

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