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Calcium 96 Solution Grade

Calcium 96 Solution Grade


Ultra fine and highly reactive, Calcium 96 is a natural limestone powder that provides immediate availabitly of this valuable nutrient for plants and microflora.  With a high neutralizing value, this solution grade powder can be applied at rates lower than typical Ag lime for fast soil pH changes.  High quality calcium provides a myriad of benefits to plants, soils and soil biology.  Designed for efficient delivery and immediate uptake, this 325 mesh powder can be used in drip irrigation or spray applications.

Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium Carbonate.....96.0%. Magnesium Carbonate.....0.5%. Calcium Carbonate Equivalent.....98.0%. Oregon Lime Score.....97. 

Derived from Limestone

Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institue (OMRI) for use in organic production.  

Application Rates

To supply calcium-Vegetable gardens and flower beds: Use 1 tsp per 10 square feet or use 1/2 tsp per 10 gallons of soil in containers.  Apply as a diluted solution around base of plants.  Repeat as needed, up to 10 times throughout the growing season.  

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