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Handwoven Pot Basket from Gambibgo

Handwoven Pot Basket from Gambibgo


Unique Handwoven Pot Basket from Gambibgo village, in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana.  These large baskets are often used to store things in the home, but are tough enough for everyday use in the garden or farmers markets. This Gambibgo basket is unusual in that is has a swivel handle that folds down flat. Also, the appealing bulbous shape is more difficult to weave than a normal round basket. Weavers in the region use the abundant Veta vera grass to weave these incredibly hardy, useful baskets. Long lasting and durable.  Colors are sky blue, blue, black, pink, light brown. and natural. Approximately 16 inches across at widest point X 12 inches Tall (plus handle).
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