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Backyard Farming Growing Vegetables & Herbs Handbook

Backyard Farming Growing Vegetables & Herbs Handbook


Growing Vegetables & Herbs book in your guide to ensuring that your first garden is a success. Intended to serve as a comprehensive primer for first time gardeners, detailed illustrations and informative photographs help to eliminate confusion and ease new homesteaders into the world of backyard farming. 

Growing Vegetables and Herbs shows you: 

- How to design the best gardening layout for your space

- The ins and outs of weeding, watering, and pest control to keep your garden fresh and healthy

- Ways to organize your plantings to take advantage of natural complements 

- The equipment you will need to make your garden a success 

- How to harvest your vegetables and prepare your garden for the coming winter

...and many more tips and tricks from experienced growers to help your avoid the most common mistakes. 

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