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Stainless Steel Kitchen Compost Pail

Stainless Steel Kitchen Compost Pail


This clean, attractive and earth-friendly  counter top Stainless Steel Kitchen compost pail makes organic recycling easy. It's the perfect solution for the efficient recycling of kitchen food scraps, like carrot tops, potato peels, egg shells, coffee grounds and more, to be put to good use in the garden without multiple trips to the compost pile.  A charcoal filter controls food scrap odors for up to six months. The compact stainless steel composter fits under your sink and is attractive enough to use on your counter top, while the sturdy handle makes it easy to carry. Composter has a generous one-gallon/four-quart capacity and measures 11 1/2" H x 7" in diameter. Hand wash.  Easy to clean. Includes one charcoal filter.

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