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How to Compost Chicken Manure

Posted March 23, 2013


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could I compost chicken manure as you’ve shown, except not using a tarp, but right into the garden soil which is being prepped for winter gardening? I want to keep adding this into the soil, grass clipping, blood meal and straw and watering from time to time. Would this break down and have a larger area ready for fall/winter? Thanks, Gary

Posted by Gary on September 09, 2013

Hi ali, how long does it takes to wait for the compost to be darker or ready to use fertilizer for plants? thank you

Posted by hanika on August 06, 2013

Yes the size of a compost pile should be at least 3×3×3. We use a smaller pile for demo, just because of time! The compost heap will break down and become smaller as the decomposition process takes place, but that’s okay! Happy Composting!

Posted by Ali's Organics on June 17, 2013

I have a question: you say compost pile should be 3×3×3 but in all your videos they look quite a bit smaller than that size. Is the size of pile you show us what it should actually look like or are you saying we should make it much larger than what you have demonstrated?

Posted by Ann M. on June 15, 2013

It’s great to have something else mixed in the batch! Hay, wood shavings….it’s all organic matter that adds to the compost and makes it that much better, breaks up the POOP!

Posted by Ali's Organics on April 16, 2013

Great videos, Ali! Thanks for the step by step instructions for composting chicken manure.

Question: I often pick up some of the (pine) shavings from the chicken coop when I collect manure. This seems like a good thing to add to the compost pile. Is this accurate? Any tips for handling chicken manure with other organic materials (hay or shavings)?


Posted by Kelly on April 14, 2013

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