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Use Biodegradable Growing Starter Pots

Posted June 29, 2016

Starting your own vegetables in pots is easier if you use the right type of growing containers.  Coconut Coir pots are made of renewable coir and over time will decompose on its own, helping your seedlings adapt more quickly to their new home because the roots aren't disturbed during transplant.  Simply fill pots with a good potting soil up to 1/4" from rim, and start your seeds directly into potting soil.  Pots can be placed in a tray without holes and the pots will wick up the moisture.  This method prevents dislodging the seed or tiny roots, which can happen when watering at the surface.  Keep moist, but not soggy to prevent damping off.  Once your seedlings are ready to be transplanted, take care to harden off before they are put into their permanent home.  It's best to plant out in the evening or on cloudy days.  You can slightly pull apart the pots coir fibers if desired, being careful not to disturb roots.  Plant entire pot covering the rim as well.

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