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Nitrogen in the Garden

Posted February 10, 2020

Nitrogen is perhaps the most well-known and important nutrient for plant growth. It is fundamental in the development of mitochondria (cellular “powerhouses”) and chloroplasts (the organelles that are central to photosynthesis).  It is also a building block for protein and enzymes. 

Nitrogen encourages the growth of lush, green leaves.

Signs of nitrogen deficiency include yellowing leaves, early leaf drop, and snail-paced growth. Nitrogen deficiency is a common problem with seedlings, especially container-grown starts. Not only is nitrogen quickly used by plants, but it can also be washed from your soil by heavy rains or overwatering. Therefore, it needs to be replenished year after year. We can support a plant’s needs for nitrogen by providing various plant and animal based amendments to our garden soils.

Sources of Nitrogen


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