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Growing Sprouting Seeds at Home

Posted January 03, 2017

Looking for a bit of gardening and it's to cold outside?  Try growing sprouts right in your kitchen year round!

Sprouts are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. These seeds add a healthy fresh crunch to sandwiches, salads and stir-fries and it only takes a few days and you'll be eating a fresh crop!

All you need are some organic sprouting seeds, a quart wide mouth jar and a sprouting lid.  With these few steps below, you will be well your way.

1.  Wash your jar well and add sprouting seeds of your choice.  Fill the jar no more than one third full of seeds, place sprouting lid on jar and rinse seeds. Fill with clean water and leave seeds to soak 6-12 hours.  

2.  Drain the jar thoroughly and put it in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.  Rinse seeds with cold water and drain completely two times daily to keep them fresh and prevent from drying out.  

3. Seeds will begin to sprout in 2-6 days, depending on seed type.  Try sprouts at various stages to see which you prefer.  Let seed dry by settting them out for a few hours, patting dry with a paper towel or using a spinner before you store in the refrigerator.  Use within a week.

Try These


This sprout is mild and a favorite for its nutty flavor and crisp shoots.  It sprouts in 4-6 days. 


One of the highest in antioxidants, with a bold taste.  A great addition to a healthy diet!  Sprouts in 3-6 days.


These sprouts are packed full of flavor and add a spiciness  to your salads or sandwiches.  Easy and fast!  Sprouting time is a short 3-4 days.

Ancient Eastern Blend

This is a fun blend of sprouting seeds for a tasty variety of flavors.   

Mung Beans  

Mung beans are great for stir-fries, adding a crunch to salads and veggie sandwiches.  Sprouts these in the dark for traditional Chinese bean sprouts.  2-4 days for shoots. 


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