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Growing Plants From Semi-ripe Wood Cuttings

Posted September 09, 2019

You can easily multiply some plants at home. It’s an easy and fun process to do.

  1. Semi-ripe cuttings are so-called because the base of the cutting is woody, while the tip is soft. Early in the day when they are full of sap, cut off the healthy, nonflowering shoots. Place them in a plastic bag filled with a little water to keep them fresh while you collect more cutting material.
  2. Trim each shoot so that they are around 3-4 inches in length, or slightly longer if the plant has large leaves. Remove the main growing tip and trim the base of the stem just below a leaf joint. Nip off the lowest leaves, creating some bare stem to ease in the planting medium, aiming to leave 4-6 leaves per cutting.
  3. Dip the bare base of the cutting into Dip & Grow (rooting hormone) diluted to manufactures instructions, making sure that the cut and first joint are submerged. This will help it to root more quickly.  
  4. Insert the cuttings into a pot of moist soil mix, cover with a clear plastic bag, and position in a cool, light spot, away from direct sun. Keep the soil mix moist and the cuttings should have rooted by fall. Pull them very gently to check.   

Heated grow kits with clear plastic covers are another great way to start your cuttings as well and last for years.  



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