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Growing Organic Radishes

Posted March 14, 2022

Radishes are one of the fasted and easiest crops to grow. They are perfect for beginners since they take just a few weeks from seeding to harvesting. They're ideal for filling small gaps in the garden, and can be sown alongside other slower-maturing crops.  

Sowing Seeds

Prepare the soil before sowing, digging it over to remove any weeds or other debris. Add compost to the planting area and work in slightly and rake it level.  Make a shallow row of no more than 1/4" deep and sow seeds about 1/2" apart in the row, cover row and seeds with soil and carefully water. Using a water wand helps to deliver a soft flow so not to wash seed out of their new home.  

You don't have to wait to longe to be harvesting these delicious crunch vegetables. Spring and summer radishes take as little as three to six weeks between sowing and picking. Winter radishes, like crimson giant are slower to mature but they are well worth the wait.  

Don't leave spring and summer radishes in the ground for too long or they become woody, pithy, and inedible very quickly. Pick the radishes daily, checking along the row to find the largest roots. Pull them as soon as they are big enough.  

Extend the season! Sow radishes in little amounts and often in the spring for a continuous supply of delicious crunchy radish roots!

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