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Cultivating Wild Flowers for Wildlife

Posted May 09, 2023

Wild flowers can be grown in borders or in garden sections to mimic a wild-flower meadow. Wild or native plants that prefer or tolerate shade are ideal in woodland gardens or under individual trees.

There are so many choices of plants to grow for wildlife from seed or plants that can be found in local stores and seed catalogs. Special mixtures are available, aiming to attract butterflies, bees or birds. Other mixtures may be selected for sun or shade, specific to soil conditions.  

By planting or sowing a diverse variety, you can attract all kinds of beneficials to the garden. Birds will feed on insects, nectar for our beloved bees, parasitic wasp will feed on aphids, herbs give food for caterpillars such as fennel for the swallowtail larvae. Offering a few sections of diversity in the garden will also provide a safe haven for beneficials as well. The list of benefits is truly endless.  

Try growing a few of these mixes in your borders, flower and vegetable gardens and see what benefits not only your garden gains, but you as well being able to witness the beauty and intrigue. 

Save the Bees

Hummingbird Heaven

Precious Pollinators

Bring Home The Butterflies 

Edible Beauties 

Made In The Shade 

Pollinator Garden 


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