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Cottonseed Meal for Fertilizing Lawns in the Fall

Posted September 04, 2021

Cottonseed meal is a slow release natural fertilizer that has shown amazing results for feeding lawns in the fall.

Apply at the rate of 8 lbs per 100 square foot of lawn in September through October, depending on your zone. Cooler areas earlier than warmer areas like ours. Once applied, water in well. 

Cottonseed Meal will slowly break down over the fall giving you a nice green up and healthy root system.  

Cottonseed Meal also feeds the microbes in the soil, which means a healthier overall grass. A healthy lawn also means it has a better root system which will require less water. That's a win win!

One of the best things we have noticed is a quicker green up the following February or March on the lawns that we have used cottonseed meal on in the fall vs the lawns we haven't.  

Cottonseed Meal is slightly acidic, making it perfect for areas with a pH higher than 6.8.  

Feed your lawns each fall and you will be surprised at the huge difference it makes! 

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