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August Gardening Tips

Posted August 14, 2018

It may seem hot outside, but there are plenty of things to plant for a fall harvest and to continue caring for.  

What to Sow Outdoors 





Bulbing Fennel






Chinese Cabbage

Late Potatoes (warm season climates only)

Bush Beans (warm season climates only)

Peas (depending on zone)


Other August Garden Jobs


  • Control tomato horn worms easily with Captain Jacks Deadbug Brew.
  • Mulch plants to keep the roots cool, moisture in and weeds at bay.
  • Continue to harvest bean, squash and other vining crops for continued harvest.
  • Summer pruning of fruit trees can be done.  
  • Remove suckers and any broken branches.
  • Feed perennial beds with Rose & Flower Mix
  • Keep fallen fruit picked up to avoid brown rot the following years.
  • Watch out for squash bugs.  Fruit tree plus spray works well on adults squash bugs.
  • Pay some particular attention to the watering of plants that are in the early stages of growth, as well as those whose pods are swelling, such as sting beans.  
  • Prepare a suitable place to dry and store your harvest of onions and shallots.  
  • Continue weeding and hoeing your plot.  
  • Maintain your watering regime.  
  • Keep mulching the crops.  
  • Check and protect potato crop against potato blight.  
  • Continue to earth up potatoes or harvest new potatoes.
  • Stake and support plants where necessary.  
  • Watch out for pest such as cabbage caterpillars.  
  • Cut away old squash and pumpkin leaves as this will help them ripen.  
  • Start sowing green manures such as peas and oats.  
  • Earth up Cauliflower and kale.


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