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A New Year, A Fresh New Start in the Garden!

Posted January 04, 2022

It's that time of the year when gardeners start to get excited for the new growing season. A fresh new Start!  

Some of the first things to do on the list is ponder what I am going to grow. I love to try new vegetables and flowers every year. If you don't already have a good garden book, acquire one. They help give you ideas and a bit of a guideline. A garden journal is also nice to have to make notes and keep those designs in. 

  • Make a list of seeds needed for the new growing season and buy them while seed selection is the best. There are less choices as the season goes. 
  • Make a plan. Roughly design on a grid or paper what will go where. Allow yourself some room for those plants you may want to pick up as extras though out the year.
  • Organize your seeds. They can be put in a small file box placed behind the tabs labeled with the months.  
  • Make raised beds or begin to prepare soil in existing beds with compost and rock dust (rock phosphate, Gaia green). Rock dusts take time to break down before plants can utilize it, so adding early is essential. 
  • Make a calendar of when and what you are planting. When it's written down, you are less likely to forget it.  
  • List all the ideas you have for your garden and try to add at least some of them to your garden this year. Trying new things and adding new ideas can make garden that much more fun! 

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