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Making Homemade Potting Soil

Posted November 11, 2013

Recipes for making your own potting soils

Soilless Potting Mix

8 quarts horticulture vermiculite

8 quarts fine peat moss or coconut coir

2 tablespoons Soft Rock Phosphate

8 tablespoons composted steer manure


1 T Beneficial Bacteria (Root Zone)

Mix together well. 


Seed-Germinating Mix

1 part fine soilless mix (above mix or commercial)

1 part perlite

1 part vermiculite

Mix together well.


Basic Container Mix

1 part horticulture vermiculite or perlite

1 part peat moss or coconut coir

1 part compost or worm compost

Mix together well.


Soil straight from the garden shouldn't be used for potting mixes.  Even the best garden loams compact too quickly in containers and could possibly contain disease. 






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