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Harvesting Benning's Green Tint Heirloom Summer Squash

Posted August 21, 2013

Knowing when to harvest Benning's Green Tint Heirloom Summer Squash has mystified many people. When we have taken this variety to the Farmers Market, it seems to confuse some as which size to pick for the best flavor. Benning's Green Tint Summer Squash is one of our favorite varieties we grow. Many people call scalloped type squash patty pan. When picked at a young age, almost bit sized the flower is still attached. Leaving the flower on and roasting or grilling them whole with a dash of salt and pepper, olive oil and herbs make a pretty and tasty side dish to any meal. The flower is eatable and quite delicious as well! This young stage is considered immature, but it is very tender and many squash 'connoisseurs' enjoy it best at this stage. Once the mini s is one of our favorite summer squash quash grow a little larger and lighten in color they are still wonderful and tender, but when the shine starts to disappear and the skin lightens, becoming white, hard and they become tougher, having a larger seed cavity. After-all, they are getting ready to produce seed at this point! You can still eat them at this large stage, but as prolific as they are why not eat them at a young tender and tasty size instead. So whatever size you pick will depend on your taste buds, but if you haven't tried them bit sized, give it a whorl!

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