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Using Alfalfa Meal as a Fertilizer

Posted April 30, 2013

Alfalfa Meal Fertilizer Alfalfa meal is derived from alfalfa plants, shredded into a meal or pressed into pellet form.  Good quality Alfalfa meal is weed free making it a superb fertilizer and soil amendment.  It is beneficial for adding nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium as well as trace minerals and it contains trianconatol,  a natural growth stimulant.  Microorganisms in the soil benefit from it as well as the plants, creating more ‘underground’ activity by providing food for them. 

Roses respond very well to Alfalfa Meal.   When fertilizing roses feed twice during the growing season.  Feed 1-2 cups (two cups for older bushes, one cup for new bushes)of alfalfa meal after pruning is done and a second feeding after the first spring flush of blooms.  Work into the soil around the rose bush.  Make sure you water the alfalfa meal in well.  Blooms will be show stopping!

Add Alfalfa Meal to your compost pile to speed the decomposition process up.  Worms love alfalfa meal as well.  In garden soil or worm bins.  Adding a cup of alfalfa meal two times a month to worm bins will boost worm activity.  Add 5 pounds of Alfalfa Meal for every 100 square foot as a general fertilizer for vegetable gardens. 

Alfalfa tea is great for all plants! Wrap one cup of Alfalfa Meal in cheesecloth and let steep for two to three days in 3 gallons non-chlorinated water.  Strain and spray on roses, or any other plant.  Teas are great for instant feedings!

Alfalfa Meal is non-burning, safe and vegan approved!

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Real alternate of synthetic fertilizers; best for organic farming; keeps alive poor farmers; needs capacity building to develop awareness and trust building among farmers.

Posted by Azhar Javaid on January 24, 2015

I used an alfalfa tea last year and it improved the health of my roses that were yellowing early in the season. Seems like we had the blooms ever too

Posted by Memes on May 30, 2013

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