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Organic Weed Killer?

Posted January 31, 2013

 We all want an easy fix from time to time and weeds can be top of the list for gardeners.  But is there a safe, non-toxic, "organic" weed killer?  St. Gabriel Organics has created Burnout Weed & Grass Killer that is safe to use in your gardens, around pets and water features as well as us humans.  It is a non-selective, which simply means, whatever you spray it on, it will kill.  Organic herbicides are non-selective.   Selective weed killers will only work on "selective" plant types and are synthetic herbicides.   Burnout Weed & Grass Killer will kill the top growth within 24 hours.  This works best when plants are small and are actively growing.  Burnout should be sprayed on warm days for optimum control.  Once plants have become established, they will typically need a second spray.  Burnout works by burning the waxy protective coating on the leaves so the plants cells can no longer hold water.  The weeds burn up.  Spraying the entire leave, including the center will ensure burn.  Burnout is safe to use around vegetable beds because it doesn't leave long-term hormonal disruptions that synthetic weed killers do, but you should still be careful the over-spray does not come in contact with your desired plants.  You can use a piece of cardboard between the sprayer and the "good" plant to protect it from over-spray.  If by chance you happen to spray a plant you didn't mean to, immediately rinse the plant off thoroughly with water.  To check it out click here

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