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Organic Control of Slugs and Snails

Posted March 28, 2014

It's early spring time and your starting to see those dreaded slug and snail slim trails throughout the garden!  Arrg!  Not againSnails Eating Hosta Leaf!  Slugs and snails winter over in even the harshest winters and getting a grip on them early in the season will save your plants from looking like Swiss cheese. 

Snails and slugs like cooler, moist places to hang out in and lay their eggs in the underside of garden debris.  When rain is are is the population of slugs and snails! 

Sluggo and Sluggo Plus can be used safely around humans and pets without harming them or the soil.  Sluggo is made of a totally organic compound, Iron Phosphate that breaks down later and becomes a fertilizer.  Being a dog owner, that's very important to be worry free when using a slug and snail bait!  Sluggo can be used safely around ornamental plants, berries, vegetables, lawns, greenhouses, fruit trees and and vegetation. 

Slugs and snails will feed mostly at night, so applying in the evening is best.  Sprinkle bait around the base of plants that are being munched on or in pots at the rate of 1 teaspoon per square yard.  Once the slugs and snails eat sluggo, they stop eating the plants and die within 3-6 days, but the plant damage stops almost immediately. 

Sluggo Plus takes the bait to a higher level of bug control.  While it still works the same way as Sluggo for slugs and snails, it contains Spinosad which is effective at killing earwigs, cutworms, sowbugs and pillbugs while still being safe to use in the same way as Sluggo.  Both are in pellet form for easy use.

Both Sluggo and Sluggo Plus are listed for Organic Gardening (USDA National Organics Program) and Organics Materials Review Institute (OMRI). 

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