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Lawn & Garden Gypsum

Lawn & Garden Gypsum


Gypsum loosens clay soil,  makes calcium available to plants far faster than limestone though similar in chemical composition, Sof'n Soil Gypsum is 150 times more soluble than limestone. Gypsum won't upset soil pH balance.   it's a neutral material, with a pH value near 7.0. Limestone and other lime products are alkaline materials which raise soil pH, detrimental to acid soil-loving plants.  A natural soil conditioner that promotes lush lawns, abundant gardens, thriving trees and plants and does it safely. Gypsum replaces alkali salts with calcium, allowing the alkali to leach from the soil.  This action improves drainage and soil structure function, such as decomposition of organic materials, gives better seed germination and promotes prolific plant growth. 

Choose from Diamond K Powder 50 lb bag 

 Diamond K powder: calcium sulfate dilhydrate 97%, calcium 22.5%, sulfur 18%


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