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Mantanghong Watermelon Radish

Mantanghong Watermelon Radish


Mantanghong Watermelon Radish is a summer/fall sown radish that produces large, 3" round, mild radishes that can weigh up to 1 pound each! Slice the greenish white exterior to reveal a vivid, fuchsia interior. It look like a miniature slice of watermelon when sprinkled with black sesame seeds. Beautiful carved in to radish flowers. Whether you enjoy radishes raw, cooked, or pickled, these beauties are sure to be a star. Winter radishes are best sown in the late summer or fall, as short days trigger root growth. 

Hybrid | Open pollinated | 65 days to maturity | 1 gram | sows 12ft

NON GMO verified | Traditional Seeds

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