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Earth Juice Bloom

Earth Juice Bloom

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Earth Juice Bloom is a natural-organic  no-nitrogen liquid fertilizer formulated for indoor/outdoor blooming plants that will assist in the rich development of flowers, fruit and vegetables, as well as aid in the creation of essential oils, resins and fragrances of flowering and fruiting plants. Use at first sign of budding and throughout the flowering/production period. May be used for plants that do not require nitrogen, such as cactus and legumes. Earth Juice Grow and Bloom formulas may be mixed and used together. Best used for hand-feeding applications. Indoor/Outdoor plants. Planting mixes, coir and native soils. OMRI Listed 1 qt liquid

  • A no-nitrogen phosphorous formula that is used to promote bud development, flowers, fruit and vegetables.
  • Use at the first sign of budding and throughout the production period.
  • Apply during the fall to help protect root systems over the winter.
  • Excellent for any plant that prefers a high phosphorus fertilizer containing no nitrogen, including cactus and legumes.
  • Use on cactus for sustained growth and more blooms.
  • Earth Juice Bloom may be used alone or in combination with Earth Juice Grow for more green growth.
  • Earth Juice Bloom is derived from ancient sea bird guano, oat bran, sea kelp, bat guano, natural potash, steamed bone meal, rock phosphate in an exclusive biologically active organic base.
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