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Delicata Winter Squash Seeds

Delicata Winter Squash Seeds


Delicious flavor and delicate flesh have made Delicata the darling of squash lovers. Fruits are 1 - 1.5 lbs each and can be eaten with skin on, after baking or boiling. This squash will be one of your favorites!  Amazingly smooth and delicious. Plants have a vining habit though not as sprawling as other vining varieties. Great colored winter squash that keeps well. Our strain is the highest quality available, carefully selected since 2001 for uniformity of size, shape and color as well as yield, non-bitter and non-hard-shelled fruit. As a farm-based seed company we are able to carry out focused improvements like this on many of our varieties.(Cucurbita pepo) Non-Gmo Verified Project.

95 Days to maturity Contains 1/8 oz  Organic Seeds sows 10 row.

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