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Corn Weed Blocker 9-1-0

Corn Weed Blocker 9-1-0


Corn Weed Blocker is a natural and safe pre-emergent weed suppressant stops new weeds from growing in established lawns, vegetable gardens and flower beds while also acting as a slow release fertilizer.  Contains 9% nitrogen. Unlike chemical herbicides, Corn Weed Blocker is a completely natural product which is harmless to people, pets and ground water. Researchers at Iowa State University have discovered a natural allelopathic compound in corn gluten meal which inhibits weed seeds from germinating and with numerous scientific studies proving its effectiveness, there is at long last an all natural weed control available in our Corn Weed Blocker! For best results, apply to lawns twice a year - once in early spring and again in late summer or early fall before weeds germinate. Repeat the application in late summer to early fall (August 15 - September 15) when the hot, dry weather of summer is over. For gardens, scratch it into the first 2-3" of soil around established plants and transplants 2-4 times per season. Application Rate: Apply 20 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. Water deeply after application.  5 lb box

Ingredients: Corn Gluten



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