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Neem Seed Meal

Neem Seed Meal


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 Neem Seed Meal is an excellent soil amendment and fertilizer that improves the overall plants immunity by helping to balance nutrients and trace element levels in the soil making a healthier plant. Neem Seed Meal has been proven to increase microbal life in the soil.  Beneficial in increasing the growth of foliage and bud sets, strengthening root systems, and improving the general appearance of fruits and vegetables.   Sprinkles around the base of base has shown to ward off some bugs, perhaps because of smell.  Neem Seed Meal has been shown to keep fungus gnats at bay when made into a tea and used as a soil drench.  Application Rate: Apply 1 lb per 100 sq.ft. Additional application rates included on package. Available in 5 lb boxes and 20 lb bag.

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